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Recall All Your Senses(RAYS) | Spring 2010 - Current at DBLAB, USC
A social networking system that empowers its users to store, retrieve, and share data produced by streaming devices.
Spring, 2010 : Video Streamer, Research Paper
Summer, 2010 : RAYS Web interface/Social Networking Website
Fall, 2010 : RAYS on Amazon EC2, Perf. Evaluation of RAYS, RAYS Statistics Aggregator
Spring, 2011 : RAYS Mobile interface, Performance Evaluation, Lightweight Streamer
[RAYS on Amazon EC2] [RAYS Statistics Aggregator]

iCampusVideo | Fall, 2010 for Geospatial Information Systems
iCampusVideo is a Mobile and Web based system that records Videos and supports query of videos based on Location and Time. It includes the Android application which is the recording device for the video and metadata(location, sensors, time). The Andio application sends XML file with video to the Sever which stores the information about the video in the Database. The web used to query from the server by specifying a region. All videos whose paths overlap with this region are returned as markers and on clicking them the Video and the path is played on the Web interface. This is also supported by the mobile application
[Web demo] [Android app] [screenshots] [more details

franKy: Pokerbot | Fall, 2009
A intelligent Texas Hold’em bot which uses statistical, game theoretic techniques and neural networks to model opponent behavior for adaptive gameplay.

Placement chance prediction for Admission seekers | Fall, 2008 - Spring, 2008
Implementing a multi-way decision tree algorithm using Java and PHP. The algorithm/program obtains information from the NODAL Centre of Kerala located in CUSAT, which stores records of all students passing out from various technical colleges in Kerala. Using Information Gain theory a decision tree is created which helps admission seekers choose a branch with high industrial placement probability for their secured rank, category and criteria.

Web-based Student Information System | Fall, 2007 - Summer, 2008


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