My current research interest is in Multimedia Information Systems and im working under Professor Shahram Ghandeharizadeh, Database Lab, USC Viterbi

Directed Research | Professor Shahram Ghandeharizadeh, Database Lab, USC
- Project Recall All You Senses(RAYS), April 2010 Current

Student Researcher | Sudeep Elayidom, Sr. Lecturer, Cochin University
- Web based Academic Information System, April 2007 Dec. 2008

my.publications [list]

S. Barahmand, S. Ghandeharizadeh, A. Ojha, J. Yap, Three Highly Available Data Streaming Techniques and Their Tradeoffs, In Proceedings of the ACM workshop on Advanced video streaming techniques for peer-to-peer networks and social networking(AVSTP2P), Firenze, Italy, October 2010. [pdf]

S. Barahmand, S. Ghandeharizadeh, E. Keshavarzian, A. Ojha, J. Yap, RAYS: Recall All You See.

S. Elayidom, S. Iddikkula, J. Alexander and A. Ojha, Applying Data mining techniques for Placement chance prediction, in Proceedings of the 2009 International Conference on Advances in Computing, Control, and Telecommunication Technologies(ACT),Trivandrum, India, December 2009. [pdf]

A. Ojha, IT for the growth of Agriculture in India (for Tata Consultancy Services, Jamshedpur), Presented at IIT Guwahati, September 2008.